Swati is the senior most in AAP!!!

Swati Maliwal was the senior most associate of arvind kejriwal because the organizations of arvind kejriwal and manish Sisodia work in coordination. swati Maliwal was the boss of the people working in the organization. When Anna's movement reaches its peak, many things change, along with this the role of NGO people also changes. When arvind kejriwal came to power, Vibhav's role completely changed and he started working as his personal secretary. Surely, due to his education in media, arvind kejriwal must have seen some quality in him, after which he was given this responsibility. On the other hand, swati Maliwal remained the chairperson of delhi Women Commission for years, 1-2 months ago swati Maliwal was also sent to Rajya Sabha. It was not that kejriwal had forgotten Kabir and his old comrades of PCRF or had sidelined them.

Vibhav is close to Arvind

At present Vibhav Kumar is close to Arvind Kejriwal. It may be possible that there is a feeling among people already associated with kejriwal that before reaching arvind kejriwal, we have to go to Bibhav Kumar. The day swati Maliwal reached the Chief Minister's residence, what was discussed there? At the time of Arvind Kejriwal's arrest, swati Maliwal was allegedly getting her sister treated abroad, she had given this information by posting from abroad, but no such statement or post came from her which was against the Modi government regarding the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal. Show opposition. In such a situation, my assessment says that this issue would have been raised in the cm residence that day. We have seen in swati Maliwal's career that she is hungry for fame and limelight. Along with fasting, she conducted raids with tv cameras many times, which shows that she always had a desire to take footage and has been taking footage as per her wish. She has been setting a high moral ground for herself. Sometimes this ground goes higher than the high moral ground of Arvind Kejriwal. What happens to the high moral ground on the ground is another matter. swati does this for all the people, the tv viewers.

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