Elections concluded smoothly. The results will come in June. But there is still time for election results. However, a survey conducted by india Herald revealed that cross-voting took place in some constituencies. This left many leaders without a twinge in their eyes. They are shaking with tension. It is known that those who voted on one sign in the assembly put another sign when they came to the parliament. In a survey conducted by india Herald, it was found that cross-voting took place on a massive scale with the information received from the agents and key workers from the polling stations. 

It has been learned that cross-voting has taken place, especially in the parliamentary constituency of east godavari district. And in east godavari district, candidates of three parties have entered the ring from the side of the alliance. The leaders had to struggle in many ways to tell the voters that there are three symbols. Even in door-to-door campaign, they went to advertise their brand. Thinking that the voters will get confused if three symbols are mentioned, all the three parties campaigned only one symbol and went away. However, in some places the voters had to vote for two symbols. This became a problem.

A candidate of the janasena party contested for the kakinada parliament, while a bjp candidate contested from the rajahmundry Parliament. This means that the legislative assembly constituencies under the jurisdiction of this parliament have to vote by marking two marks. It is clear that cross voting has taken place as the voters say that they did not mark that mark. Chalamalasetty Sunil, who previously contested on behalf of ycp in the kakinada parliamentary constituency, has been defeated three times by different parties and has gathered some sympathy.

It is known that he has provided employment to many people in his companies and since the opponent is new, the people are leaning towards him. That is why it is known that there was more cross-voting in the assembly constituency of kakinada Parliament. This made the suspicion even stronger as people from one of the alliance parties were placing large bets that the YSP candidate would win here.

Also, it is known that bjp president Purandreeswari has also lost some ycp vote bank in the seat of Rajahmundry. As ntr is not only a daughter but also a woman, it is known that most of the women who voted for ycp in the assembly also voted for bjp when they came to Parliament. But Dr. Guduri srinivas who contested from ycp is also a person of good reputation. He is known to all. He has a very good reputation in both the Godavari districts. That is why it is known that even tdp supporters will not press the button without voting for bjp and not for the doctor. The discussion about this cross-voting is going on in the state now.

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