After the completion of the elections in andhra pradesh on the 13th, leaders like Lokesh, Chandrababu and pawan kalyan also reached hyderabad on the evening of the elections. cm Jaganmohan Reddy, however, stayed in tadepalli and went to his home. While going home from Pulivendula, jagan reached home talking to everyone. Now jagan along with his daughters family went to london and various countries.

Because of this fear, jagan has gone abroad. tdp is making the tags "Bye Bye Jagan" viral. Especially the people of janasena party alliance are also trolling this matter. jagan will not come back.. He will run away from Attu.. Vijay will sit with Maulya.. When he gets off the plane.. he will have to go to jail. Those who do all these things are called uno batch. They keep making such comments unnecessarily..

If the original jagan was the one to leave.. He used to run away to foreign countries when he was in jail for 16 months. No one can be hanged.. The strange thing that happens in financial crime cases in this country is that Chandrababu's Baile is an example. They got the bales within 50 days. jagan also got the same at that time. It is not even possible to put jagan in jail now.. Nothing else can be done unless all those cases are judged in the court and he is sentenced to jail. Out of fear only tdp alliance leaders are talking like bye bye Jagan. The winner will be announced on june 4th. If the alliance continues like this, there is a possibility that ycp will be trolled even worse on social media in the coming days. Especially, it can be said that no party has the strength of ycp social media. It can be said that it will be more difficult for tdp party in the coming days

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