There is a lot of excitement over the election results in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Everyone knows that chandrababu naidu will not come to power in the last election. Then there is a strong reason for that. That is the worst milk of Chandrababu Naidu. But this time no one is able to say clearly who will get the power. They are not able to feel the pulse of the actual voter and thus they are counting on the power as less than their favorite. 

However, telugu desam party ranks say that people are interested in more schemes besides the Land Titling Act and Chandrababu's announced Super Six to prevent ycp from coming to power. On the other hand, it is also said that YS jagan has not announced any new schemes. Also, the tdp brothers say that there is antagonism of the employees and the anger of the upper classes against Jagan. In addition to this, the pro-alliance leaders are analyzing the support of the election Commission. But comments are heard that jagan is better than Chandrababu. An india Herald survey has shown that his schemes are a big plus for women and the poor and that he will become the cm again.

YSP leaders believe that they will come to power without considering all these. They have their negative points, tdp doesn't? It is reported that chief minister YS Jaganmohan reddy mentioned it to his close associates. Isn't it negative to make an alliance and give some seats to Jana Sena and BJP? It is known that jagan Mohan reddy is asking. jagan Mohan reddy is of the opinion that the bjp has completely lost its credibility due to its staying away from the manifesto issue. It is also reported that jagan told his close friends that because of Chandrababu's lack of credibility, people did not show much interest in his promises. It is known that jagan Mohan reddy was able to divert people's attention to the latest Kutami Manifesto by taking the 2014 Kutami Manifesto to the public and telling them how Babu would cheat are doing That's why jagan strongly believes that we will definitely get more than 150 seats.

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