The bjp is aiming to win more than 370 parliamentary seats in the lok sabha elections. If that number is achieved, it will be a hat-trick victory for BJP. Modi will become the prime minister and Modi will also be the most successful prime minister in the history of India. But in some states that won more seats in 2019, it seems that there are no chances of counting seats at that level. 

Due to this, it seems that all the bjp including Modi are in serious pain and fear. Despite being in power at the center, the bjp has ignored some states. It is known that the respective states are deeply dissatisfied with the bjp due to that reason. All of them may vote against it and it may lose a lot of seats. Especially in haryana state, it is now impossible for bjp to win parliamentary seats. In the 2014 general elections, the bjp won seven out of 10 seats in Haryana. In 2019, the bjp won 10 out of 10 seats. But now it is difficult to win two or three, not 10.

Assembly elections were held in this state six months after the completion of the 2019 lok sabha elections. However, the bjp won 58 percent of the votes in the parliamentary elections, while the percentage of votes won by the bjp in the assembly elections fell to 36 percent. It could not even win the required assembly seats to form the state government. As a result, Jananaik Janata party and seven independents had to join hands to form the government. But the bjp wanted to cover the reduced votes and win in haryana with full majority.

But people are now strongly opposed to bjp saying that the state has not developed anything except to brag about being a double engine government. The alliance of congress and aam aadmi party can easily turn people towards them by saying how much injustice bjp has done to the state. bjp has not been able to do good to the people even in terms of farmer laws and farmers' demands. In addition to this, people did not like bjp mp Brijbhushan Sharansingh's involvement in the sexual harassment case and giving him the bjp ticket. Overall, it seems that the people of this state gave a good shock to the lotus Party.

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