Bombay high court changed its order!!!

The bombay high court has allowed a couple from hyderabad to meet their 7-month-old adopted child for three hours a day, six days a week. The vacation bench of Justice sandeep Marne and Justice Neela Gokhale has modified its order passed on Tuesday, where they were given the right to meet for 12 hours daily. "Accordingly, it is directed that the petitioners will have the right to visit the child between 3 pm to 6 pm every day from monday to Saturday," he said.

The couple had filed a habeas corpus petition seeking a direction to the Child Welfare Committee to produce the girl and hand over her custody to them. His petition states that since their marriage in 2015, his wife has suffered three miscarriages. His aunt introduced him to a couple from Visakhapatnam who wanted to adopt their fifth child.

On Thursday, the trust's lawyer Ankita Singhania had urged the high court to modify the May 14 order and limit the meeting of the petitioners to one hour once a week. He said that there are 47 children in the house ranging in age from a few days to 12 months. Allowing them to meet for 12 hours a day will not only create logistical difficulties but will also interfere with the child's activities including feeding and sleep. "If they are allowed to meet her and later the biological mother returns, it will cause immense psychological trauma to the child," Singhania said. The judges reminded the trust that it was "only a care agency" with a "very limited" role.

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