Brother complains about sister, painful death…

A heart-wrenching case has come to light from Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan. Where a cruel father killed his 9 year old daughter by twisting her neck. Actually, there was a fight between the two innocent brothers and sisters, so the son complained about it to the father. The father got angry and killed his daughter. After this, the accused father also tried to hide the incident of murder. But with the help of the villagers the entire incident came to light.

Murder of daughter by twisting her neck in anger

Giving information, Mangalwad police station officer ram Singh said that 35-year-old Surajmal Bhil has 5 children. In which there are 3 daughters and 2 sons. The 11-year-old elder son had a fight with his second sister Radha over washing utensils. After this the son approached father Surajmal with his sister's complaint. After this, Surajmal got angry at his son and he first hit his daughter Radha's head against the wall, after getting serious injury she fell there. Even after this, Surajmal's anger did not subside, so he grabbed his daughter's neck and twisted it, resulting in her death.

Seeing the crooked neck, the villagers informed the police.

Accused Surajmal had murdered the daughter at night. After which in the morning he told the villagers about his daughter's death, some villagers also came to attend his daughter's last rites, during which they became suspicious after seeing the girl's crooked neck and stopped taking her for the last rites. The villagers informed Surajmal's other family members, after which Surajmal's brother-in-law came there and informed the police. On receiving the information, the police reached the spot and took the body into custody and sent it for post-mortem. With this the accused was arrested.

During the police investigation, it was revealed that Surajmal used to fight often, due to which his wife had left the house about 6 months ago. Two days ago, Surajmal had a fight with his brother, after which both of them had gone to the police station to lodge a report, both of them were detained by the police.

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