Big statement of Shivraj Singh Chauhan, 'We only...'

Voting for the lok sabha elections 2024 has been completed in four phases on all 29 seats of Madhya Pradesh. This time Chhindwara seat of the state had become a hot seat in the lok sabha elections. In such a situation, Congress-BJP tried their best to win Chhindwara seat. At present, congress has held this seat for 40 years, but this time bjp is claiming victory here. Meanwhile, a big statement of former cm shivraj singh chouhan has come out regarding Chhindwara seat. Actually, while talking exclusively to 'India TV', Shivraj Singh Chauhan has claimed to win all the 29 seats of Madhya Pradesh. Will bjp win Chhindwara seat or not? Answering this question, Shivraj said that 'We will definitely win Chhindwara seat. Last time also when their (Congress) government was in power, we lost by only 37 thousand votes. Today congress is nowhere, Kamal Nath's credibility has also completely ended.

What did Shivraj say about Kamal Nath?

He further said that 'Congress people were saying that when you (Kamal Nath) were going towards BJP. In fact, due to the events that happened in between, he became nowhere. He was neither from here nor from there. In such a situation, the public does no longer trust them, people are with bjp and PM Modi. That's why we are winning Chhindwara. On the question of kamal nath joining bjp, shivraj singh chouhan said that 'I do not know its depth, but there was talk among the public that he was disillusioned with Congress. I don't know the depth of whatever behavior congress has done to him.

BJP got victory in the by-election

Let us tell you that Chhindwara is the only parliamentary seat in Madhya Pradesh, on which bharatiya janata party has been able to win only once. This seat also remained with bjp for only one year, when former chief minister of the state and senior bjp leader Sunderlal Patwa defeated kamal nath in the by-election. Even in 1977, when there was a wave against indira gandhi in the entire country, congress had won this seat. Since independence, this seat has mostly belonged to congress and Kamal Nath's family has been in possession of it for more than 40 years, but this time the lok sabha elections are completely different for this seat. This is the first time when kamal nath was camping day and night in Chhindwara and campaigning for his son nakul Nath.

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