Blinkit has exposed its heart to women by talking about giving away coriander for free!

Blinkit Free Dhaniya Offer On Vegetable Purchase: To attract people's attention, Online Grocery App Blinkit has brought a bang offer for its customers. The company has announced that customers will be given free coriander on every online vegetable purchase.

Blinkit Free Dhaniya Offer On Vegetable Purchase: It is not a new thing for companies to issue offers to increase their sales. Be it the lure of discount or the scheme of giving Buy 1 Get 1 and free items. Companies always try to keep their customers in their side. This is the era of ordering goods from home, hence the competition among different companies in the market is very strong. In such a situation, how do these companies give heart-winning offers? If we want to understand this then we can turn to Blinkit which will now give free coriander to its customers on the purchase of vegetables.

what was the matter

In fact, Mumbai-based user Ankit Sawant wrote, 'Mom has had a mini heart attack because she had to pay even for coriander on Blinkit'. Regarding this, Ankit suggested to the company's CEO Albinder Dhindsa to give coriander for free at a fixed amount, which the company has implemented with immediate effect.

Indian tradition of taking free coriander and chilli with vegetables.

You must have also heard that bargaining and getting free coriander and green chillies along with vegetables from the vegetable seller is the birth right of women. It's little things like these that make your shopping a little more fun. Following this tradition, Online Grocery App Blinkit has also brought a similar scheme for its customers. Under this, people will be given 100 grams of coriander for free on purchasing vegetables online from Blinkit.

Many types of memes went viral

This news given by the company has created a stir in the internet world. There have been mixed reactions from people on this step of the company. While many people are looking at this policy of the company from the point of view of Blinkit's popularity among women, many people are calling it a very good scheme and are also making many memes about it.

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