Mahira Khan was misbehaved on stage, the actress expressed her anger by posting the video.

Pakistani actress mahira khan has shared a post on social media and she told that during the event, someone had thrown something at her on the stage, for which the actress has expressed her displeasure.

Actress mahira khan is one of the most beautiful and best actresses of Pakistan. She often remains in the news for some reason or the other. At the same time, on Thursday, mahira khan had reached a show, where a person present in the crowd threw something. After which the actress has expressed her displeasure about this and has written a long note while sharing the post on her Instagram.

Actually, mahira khan has shared a video of this incident on her instagram and has shared the entire incident and her thoughts in the caption. He wrote in the post, "What happened in the program was not necessary." No one should think it's okay to throw anything on stage, even if it's a flower wrapped in a paper plane. This sets a wrong precedent. This is unacceptable. Many times I get scared, not only for myself, but also for others who are trapped in crowd-like situations.

That person was one out of 10 thousand

He further said in the post, “But listen to me, when we were going back, someone said that after this we will not do any program here. The way they were showing their love and their excitement, the way they knew it all so well, because I could see them, I could see that they didn't know that whoever it was was a scumbag, he was one in 10,000 and Got up and went away. Perhaps the crowd could have been investigated, a lot more could have been done and should have been done.

The actress further wrote, "I strongly feel that we need such events in more cities of Pakistan. The more you are exposed, the more aware and educated you will be. Normalize it and see what happens. The people, the city, our culture, our understanding of each other (which is lacking), unity (which is even more lacking) all this will flourish. I met the most amazing people, we sat together under the beautiful sky of Quetta, ate food, shared stories, laughed and made our next plans. I have returned prosperous.

Mahira said thank you

In the end the actress wrote- I love you Quetta. Thank you for so much love. There will be and there will be a next time and every time we will be better. If Allah wills it. Till then god Hafiz Quetta. P.S Do you know roses are fabulous here? The strange thing is that it looks like they are made of concrete. PPS is receiving a lot of messages. Thanks for your concern and love.

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