The tdp party with many years of history has disappeared in the state. This yellow flag, which once waved the Congress, has now fallen into the underworld. It can be said that this party, which is running out of breath, will have no future if it does not succeed in this election. It is said that the main reason for this is the cadre in the party. people still love TDP. Many leaders in ycp are also fans of TDP. But because of some lower level leaders in tdp they are moving away from the party. During the time when ntr founded the party, the then leaders were very efficient in thinking about the upliftment of the poor people.

But in the present time, the leaders spend money and come to power and try to double their wealth, without thinking for the people. It cannot be said that ycp leaders are pure pearls. But here they are voting only by looking at Jagan. Many white shirt leaders at the lower level continue to trouble the masses. But it is a well-known truth that people are voting for the party who stands for YSP because of Jagan's goodness and work and not because of the person standing there. Once there was a similar situation in tdp too. Voters watching ntr and Chandrababu. After they came to power, the leaders showed profligate behavior and made many attempts to disrupt the party. This is why tdp lost. This time, Jana Sena has allied with bjp to win. By this we can understand how much the vote bank of tdp has decreased. At this moment the question on many minds is what will happen if tdp loses.

  Chandrababu, who has been protecting tdp for so many years, has fallen on age. However, they gave a tough fight in this election. But if he loses this time, he may not have the strength and patience to save his party till the next election. At this moment, lokesh will make his debut as his successor, which means that some party leaders say that he does not have all the stamina. He is trying so hard just to win in Mangalagiri. The question in the minds of tdp fans is how to take over the party and protect the party cadre. Any party should stand well, it is not enough if the top level leader is good, from the workers to the Chief Minister, the party should be protected and the poor people should be served. Political analysts say that not only will the party stand forever, but justice will also be done to those who work in the party.

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