The assembly Parliament elections in ap have closed and the polling percentage has been recorded in andhra pradesh which has not happened in 40 years. In this background, whoever comes is likely to get a huge majority. But many believe that jagan will win in AP. As much as there is a debate on who will be the CM, there is a similar debate on the results of the four key positions. ycp tried hard to win these seats. There is a lot of competition in these positions and hence the focus is on this. And who has a chance to win those positions? Now let's find out...!


Kuppam Kanchukota for Chandrababu. Babu has been contesting and winning every election from here. But YS jagan has set a goal to defeat Chandrababu in 2024 elections. As a part of that, ycp candidate wanted Bharat to win. He assured that if he wins, he will immediately make him a minister and pave the way for the development of Kuppam. ycp has already won over tdp in Kuppamlu Municipality local Body Elections. Now is the time to defeat Chandrababu. But they say that it is not so easy, political analysts say that Chandrababu has a chance of winning with a small majority even after removing the stolen votes. Let's see who wins!

- Pithapuram

It is known that Jana Sena chief pawan kalyan and ycp candidate vanga geetha contested for pithapuram mla seats. There are more people of Kapu social class. That will be a plus for Pawan. jabardasth and small screen actors including mega family all campaigned for Pawan's victory. He encouraged people to vote for him. But jagan said the same thing as a counter to all this. He promised that if vanga geetha wins, he will become Deputy CM. It is known that people are leaning towards YCP. Internal discussions are going on that vanga geetha has a high chance to win here.

- Mangalagiri

TDP youth leader Nara lokesh has not backed down in the matter of distribution of money, but people are not winning him. lokesh, who contested from mangalagiri in 2019, lost by a narrow margin against ycp candidate RK. He could not become an mla as he got less than 5,337 votes. But this time lokesh calmly says that he will win with a majority of 50,000. But to defeat lokesh, jagan fielded Lavanya as the mangalagiri mla candidate. jagan has implemented some strategies to win against lokesh, if they are successful, lokesh will lose this time too, but political analysts say that there are chances of him winning.

- Hindupuram

Nandamuri balakrishna won back to back in Hindupuram. He won with a majority of 16,000 votes in 2014 and 18,000 votes in 2019. balakrishna says victory is his again. But to defeat this key tdp leader, ycp has made many strategies like Koduri deepika in the ring and used the bc astram. But the information is that the wind is towards Balakrishna. jagan campaigned saying let bc leader win at least once. If people think the same, Balakrishna's hat-trick will remain a dream.

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