Taiwan MPs kicked and punched each other, creating ruckus

A video of MPs from Taiwan's parliament is going viral very fast, in which a dispute started between the MPs inside the parliament in taiwan regarding a law. The dispute escalated to such an extent that a scuffle broke out.

Debates among MPs are nothing new. Sometimes it even comes to the point of scuffle. A similar scene has also been seen from taiwan, where a fierce dispute broke out among the MPs regarding some issue in the Parliament. The dispute escalated to such an extent that it reached a scuffle.

According to media reports, during the discussion a controversy broke out regarding changes in some laws. When the MPs proposed to put more emphasis on monitoring the government's work, the matter reached the level of scuffle. The video of this fight is going viral on social media. In the viral video, an mp can be seen snatching files and running out of Parliament.

This incident happened on Friday, three days before Lai Ching-te assumed the presidency without the majority. According to Al Jazeera's report, in the video, MPs were also seen fighting with each other and falling down.

Controversy started regarding this

According to the information, the Democratic Progressive party (DPP) and Kuomintang (KMT) were reportedly fighting over a new decision. According to the decision, those who made false statements in the parliament will be officially declared criminals, due to which the debate became heated even before the arrival of the MPs and a series of accusations and counter-accusations started against each other outside the Parliament.

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