Elections in the state are over. In the election polling held on Monday, people poured in and voted in large numbers. But polling was registered in an inaudible manner. Due to this, the excitement over the result continues. If polling was registered between 70-75 percent, it would have been a plus for the coalition. But, with more than 80 percent, there are doubts about who will win. Well, the result will be known on june 4.

If this is the case.. the parties are now facing the confusion of the candidates. No matter who wins, no matter who loses, the parties have some doubts about the candidates. For example, if the alliance led by tdp wins... what will happen? That means.. up to half of those who won from YCP.. there is a chance to jump into that party. It seems that some people are already making efforts in this regard. ycp leaders are haunted by the fear of filing cases against them.

With this, the leaders at the field level are making predictions about the result very deeply. It is noteworthy that even if ycp wins this time, it is expected that the situation will be the same. Some people think that even if ycp comes, they will be harassed by filing cases against them. With this, people like this are also in touch with YCP. That's why.. no one is talking about Palitam. They are more silent. These results have become a topic of discussion in both tdp and YCP.

For example, there is a campaign going on that Arani Srinivas, who is in the ring from tirupati, is already in touch with the ycp leaders. Varaprasad, who is from tirupati Parliament, recently unofficially showered praises on Peddireddy. Similarly many leaders are also in the same work. Also, those who contested from ycp, some are in touch with tdp leaders. It is noteworthy that after june 4, tens of thousands are trying to secure their political future in a safe place. That's why no one is going out. No criticizing anyone.

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