Raj Babbar's taunt on BJP's '400 paar' slogan...

Congress leader raj babbar, who is contesting the lok sabha elections from Gurugram, Haryana, claimed that his party will win all 10 seats in the state in the lok sabha elections. raj babbar said, "I am seeing the reaction of the public in Gurugram and such an atmosphere has been created where people are wishing that this time bjp should not be allowed to come into government." Regarding the slogan, she said that she is deceiving herself. Everyone in bjp is repeating this just like Rattu parrot speaks.

Speaking to ANI, the news agency said, "BJP is deceiving itself." Even looking at the situation, it is deceiving. elections are not won among the public through this kind of publicity and propaganda. It showed the trailer of the film in 2014. The public felt that a film was coming. By waiting for that, he won the elections in 2019 also. Now after watching the movie, 'The End' has started. After watching the film, people said that it was not very good. Promoted through trailer. Through publicity, the product becomes understandable and their product has arrived.

Mitthu is reciting '400 Paar' like a parrot - raj Babbar

Taking a jibe at bjp on the slogan of '400 par', raj babbar said, "From where are they bringing 400 par seats?" Which seat is getting lead? Is there an edge from Kashmir? From where are Punjab, Haryana, UP, bihar or bengal taking the lead? Taking the lead from Rajasthan, madhya pradesh or Maharashtra? I can't say about Gujarat, are they taking lead from tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra or Telangana? This should be known. Counts have crossed 400. Mitthu the parrot is kept in a cage. The government has tied it, whoever comes keeps saying four hundred rupees.

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