150 cc bike and 60 cc Lunas are available for you. You have to go to another city. Which vehicle do you want? This is the question. What would someone with a burra choose? They ask the opposite question. But now the time has come to ask such a question to the Central election Commission. Does it take more than 48 hours to calculate the percentage of vital polling in elections in a country that produces IT products needed by the entire world? Does it make sense to follow decades-old practices in today's age of artificial intelligence? That is the question before ec now.

This time, the Central election commission is conducting the general elections in seven phases. In fact, every two hours on the polling day, the percentage of polling is recorded. Although these are not absolute percentages, there is a small percentage difference here and there. But it takes 48 hours to reveal the complete results. Some approached the supreme court on the same issue. Recently the supreme court directly questioned the Central election Commission.

She asked why polling information could not be given within 48 hours. After the completion of polling, the supreme court raised the question that why the ec is not able to put the data on the website by the respective constituencies. A three-judge bench headed by supreme Chief Justice DY Chandrachud put several questions before the election Commission. It has been postponed to give an answer on these within a week. As the ec has changed the statistics repeatedly in the last four phases of election polling, the opposition has also expressed many doubts about it. Now it becomes interesting what the answer will be.

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