Whoever wins most assembly seats in rayalaseema will come to power in the state. people from rayalaseema are holding the reins of governance in AP. Jaganmohan reddy, who is currently the cm of ap, is also a rayalaseema candidate. He belongs to kadapa district. Chandrababu ysr sharmila also hails from Rayalaseema. pawan kalyan has nellore elements. Those who have won more seats in nellore as well as seema are positively influencing other seats as well.

Many political analysts say that the people of that area will vote and win this time too. Chandrababu says that people are against the government and therefore they will win. There is a chance of becoming cm in ap only if he wins the hearts of the people of rayalaseema districts. Their votes are crucial. The same thing has been proved during the time of YS Rajasekhar Reddy. Rajasekhar reddy went around the people of rayalaseema and promised to do good to them knowing their hardships and tears of farmers. Got a place.

  In 2014, the people of rayalaseema supported jagan and jagan was able to win 30 seats from there. In 2019, ycp had almost a clean sweep in Rayalaseema. Except for chandrababu naidu in Kuppam, Nandamuri balakrishna in hindupuram of Anantapur district, payyavula keshav in uravakonda assembly seat, ycp won the remaining 49 assembly seats. The people of rayalaseema have always stood by the ysr family and they say that if the children of rayalaseema bless them, jagan will become a lion again. It is said that the people of rayalaseema will always be behind jagan, who is going to win like a lion this time as a single.

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