Even after the elections in andhra pradesh are over, everyone is anxiously watching who will win.. Many leaders have already informed that various parties will win according to the predictions of survey organizations. Now the latest election analyst PVS Sharma has revealed something in his opinion. After talking to many people he informed many things. Especially in the case of cm Jaganmohan reddy voting till the end.

In addition to this, he also informed that he was very successful in changing 80 candidates. PS Sharma has informed that jagan is going to come to power again and this is going to surprise everyone in the country. Especially many schemes brought by cm Jaganmohan reddy have also benefited many families especially the caste members of a particular social group.

Also, today, the delivery of ration goods to the home and all the work is done by volunteers. Crop subsidy, crop damage etc. are also done for farmers. Medicines are also supplied through RBK. Surveys of many leaders also say that ycp party will definitely come to power this time due to all the good deeds which was implemented under his regime (2019-24)!

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