Supriya Sule on the attack on Kanhaiya Kumar...

NCP Sharad Chandra Pawar's mp supriya sule has condemned the assault case with congress candidate Kanhaiya Kumar. supriya sule said that there is no place for violence in the society. Kanhaiya Kumar was attacked in North-East delhi during the election campaign. The opposition is loudly raising the issue of attack on Kanhaiya Kumar. In this matter, the reaction of the leaders of the constituent parties of the indian alliance is coming to the fore. In this sequence, supriya sule has also reacted on social media and has also demanded to conduct peaceful elections.

Supriya Sule demanded fair elections

Baramati mp supriya sule said, “There is no place for violence in our society and especially in the world's largest democracy. I strongly condemn the attack on Kanhaiya Kumar in Delhi. The elections should be conducted in a fair and peaceful manner.

Kanhaiya Kumar's taunt, send goons to attack him

At the same time, Kanhaiya Kumar has released a video on this issue and attacked BJP. He alleged that he was attacked by workers supported by bjp and supported by Manoj Tiwari. Kanhaiya Kumar said, "Mr. mp, no matter how many goons you send to attack me, I am not afraid. I am a follower of gandhiji and baba Saheb Ambedkar, I have the courage of Shaheed Bhagat Singh. I will not stop because of your intimidation.'' Kanhaiya Kumar said that the present government wants to bring dictatorship in the country and he does not have faith in the Constitution of the country. Let us tell you that manoj tiwari is an mp from North-East Delhi.

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