Ban on removal of encroachment in Odwada village…

After the order issued by the high court of Jodhpur, action was taken to remove the encroachment identified by the administration in Odwada village of Jalore district of Rajasthan. In this regard, 70 encroachments identified on the first day were removed, in which the boundary wall was broken, but no resident's house was demolished. Now the high court has issued a stay order in the Odwada case and has ordered investigation of the documents.

In fact, after the first day of encroachment action, Ahor mla Chhagan Singh Rajpurohit came to meet chief minister Bhajanlal Sharma on thursday (May 16) and informed him about the matter. He put forth the matter before the cm to stop the action. congress leaders also surrounded the state government by  regarding the Odwada case. On Friday, cabinet minister Zoraram Kumawat, minister of State Otram Dewasi, mla Chhagan Singh, bjp Organization minister Sanwalaram Dewasi reached Owada village and took stock of the situation and assured all possible help to the people.

Congress and bjp leaders reached the village

The electricity connection that was cut during the action on thursday was also reconnected on Friday. Here, regarding this matter, the district Collector also held a press conference and said that no one's house has been demolished. The administration will try to find out by conducting a survey that no family is homeless. After the action to remove encroachment, a committee was formed by congress on Friday. The committee went to Odwada village and after taking action to remove encroachment, met the people and inquired about their condition. This included former minister Sukhram Vishnoi, congress candidate from Jalore Vaibhav Gehlot, congress General Secretary Mohan Dagar, Harish Chaudhary, Lalit Boriwal.

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