Mega family means well known in film industry and politics. ram Charan, Pawan Kalyan, Chiranjeevi, nagababu, Tej and other heroes will also come as mega family. mega family means they are fans of everyone. So even the fans are anchoring their respective movies. There will be some success and some failure. mega family means affection, love and affection for many people. mega family has a special place especially among celebrities.

Allu arjun also belongs to the Mega family.. It is known that there is a dispute between the mega family and allu arjun from the last few days.. Now it seems that the dispute has escalated. Especially when nagababu made indirect comments about Allu Arjun.. After that, Allu Arjun's fans trolled nagababu very badly. After that, nagababu, who was sidelined from Social media, deleted the post he made on allu arjun the next day.

But now we don't know how true the news is.. allu arjun has exited the mega family WhatsApp group.. This matter is now becoming a hot topic in the industry. And if allu arjun responds to this matter, the real matter will not come out. Currently, this matter is becoming viral.. Politically, instead of supporting Pawan Kalyan, his friend shilpa Ravichandra Reddy, who is a ycp candidate from Nandyala, is supporting him. allu arjun supported pawan kalyan on Social media. But since nagababu tweeted about this matter, the war between mega family allu arjun has been going on since then.

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