The hot topic of pithapuram election in andhra pradesh is changing.. Especially here vanga geetha as ycp MLA.. pawan kalyan from mega family contested on behalf of alliance. With this, there is a lot of discussion about the pithapuram elections in Andhra Pradesh. Besides, they brought in movie celebrities and promoted Pawan Kalyan. Recently, now ycp MLA candidate vanga geetha has made several comments on the Mega family. Mega said that she has a good relationship with the family. He also informed that he has a special fondness for Chiranjeevi.

Apart from politics, she also expressed that she has a lot of respect for the members of the Mega family. Also vanga geetha revealed that they also have good respect for her. That is why she said that no personal criticism was made against her as part of the pithapuram election campaign. jagan also announced a bumper offer that if the ycp party wins in pithapuram, he will give Deputy cm to Vanga Geeta.

That is why the pithapuram elections have become more exciting this time. Especially this time the elections also seemed like a war atmosphere. It is not clear who will come to power. It seems that there is a huge amount of betting on the results of the andhra pradesh elections.. Especially on the issue of some special seats, it is reported that betting of a few crores of rupees is also being done. The overall winner will be announced on june 4. And it remains to be seen who the people will choose as CM.

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