It has been a week since the polling in andhra pradesh was completed recently.. But after the completion of the polling, an atmosphere of war continues with riots and clashes in many parts of AP. Even at this time, many leaders are betting. There are reports of heavy betting on three leaders in particular. They are not lokesh, sharmila, Raghurama Krishnamraj. It seems that many people are betting on who will win and lose among these three.

Above these three, ycp leaders are saying that it is very difficult for any of these three to win.. nara lokesh is contesting from mangalagiri while Raghurama Krishnamraju is contesting from Undi.. sharmila is also contesting as kadapa MP candidate from congress party. It is not known which of these three leaders will get the results in their favor or against, but the news is that they are on top in the betting. Moreover, it is reported that the two leaders have spent heavily to win.

Not only in andhra pradesh but also in areas like telangana and Karnataka, heavy betting is being done on these three leaders. So far the history of nara lokesh and sharmila winning elections has not been seen. Joined the party. lokesh is struggling to win in mangalagiri where he has been standing for the last few years. And it remains to be seen whether his hard work will bear fruit or not.. news about these three leaders is a hot topic on social media.

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