We all are devotees of Ram.. How can we demolish the temple of ram - Selvaperunthagai

Selvaperunthagai said that the police have informed that they will give important information in two days in the case of the mysterious death of Nellai district congress President Jayakumar.

Modi did not follow the constitution

Tamil Nadu congress Committee President Selvab Perundagai met the media at Satyamurthy Bhawan in Rayapetta, Chennai. Speaking then, he said that the fifth phase of parliamentary elections is approaching and the four phase elections were conducted in a proper manner. prime minister Modi has been talking in the campaign for fear of defeat after the results of the four-phase elections. prime minister Modi has been contradicting himself before and after. There is a constitution that states that religion politics, caste politics and language politics should not be practiced. But Modi has been talking outside the law without following the constitution.

How will we demolish ram Temple?

Now prime minister Modi is involved in riot politics. The election commission is looking at all this without taking any action on it. Anyone who talks about hate politics should take action against them if they talk in a way that incites riots. Therefore, we request on behalf of the congress not to grant permission to the Prime Minister's campaign. Responding to a question regarding Modi's talk of demolishing the ram temple if the congress party comes to power, he said, "We are all devotees of Ram. How can we demolish the ram temple?" We will put the name and put the bar.

Important information in two days

The law says that the consecration should be done only after 100 percent construction of the temple. But Modi inaugurated the ram temple without completing the construction work, saying that it is Congress' custom to build the temple but it is not Congress' custom to demolish it. Nellai congress district President Jeyakumar's mysterious death case is being investigated by additional police department. police are continuing to investigate with forensic experts. Selvaperunthagai said that the police have informed that they will give important information about the case in two days.

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