Today gold Rate In Chennai: Has gold Crossed 55,000? What is the situation today? 

The price of gold has seen constant ups and downs for the past few days, and today's gold and silver prices can be seen. gold is a favorite among women. tamil Nadu is the leading state in South india with the largest amount of gold reserves. And it is a well-known fact that tamil Nadu women are very fond of gold jewellery. In this case, the price of gold remained at the same price today without any change after being low yesterday.

As of yesterday, sawan rose by Rs.640 to sell at Rs.54,800. Similarly, gold fell by Rs 80 to Rs 6,850 per gram.

As of today (May 19), the price of 22 carat jewelery gold in chennai remains the same without any change. The shaver is priced at Rs 54,800. 22 carat gold is selling at Rs 6,850 per gram. 24 carat gold per gram Rs. 7,320 on sale. 24 carat gold sawan is selling for Rs.58,560.

There is no change in the price of Li as yesterday's price remains. A gram of silver is selling at Rs.96.50. And one kg of silver is sold for Rs.96,500.

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