47 years old and looks 25 years old... Kissing photo released by going on vacation in Blue Lagoon Iceland!

While actress meena has gone on a trip to the Blue Lagoon Iceland, the kiss photo she posted from there is now going viral on social media.

Meena is famous for acting alongside many leading actors in tamil cinema like Rajini, Kamal, Ajith, Arjun, Karthik. After her marriage, she temporarily took a short break from the film industry and started acting again after the birth of her child.

Meanwhile, Meena's husband Vidya Sagar died due to lung infection in 2022. Suffering from lung infection caused by the remains of pigeons, she had been receiving treatment for this for many years, but no matter how hard she tried...Meena's husband could not get a lung donation, so she died.

She spoke passionately that maybe her husband would have been alive if he had received a lung donation. After the death of her husband, actress Meena, who was lying inside the house, was brought out again by her close friends Sanghavi, rambha and Sridevi.

Little by little, she has recovered from her husband's death... and has started acting again in small screen shows and movies. Meena, who often goes abroad and chills, has now gone to Blue Lagoon Iceland.

It is one of the best tourist destinations and is loved by the people of the world. It is a hot steam region formed by a volcano. The site is located in a lava field at Grindvik on the Reykjanes Peninsula in southwest Iceland.

article_image6 In this place you can find ice cubes as well as take a dip in the hot water. Actress meena has gone to this place now. A photo of him holding an ice cube in his hand and giving a kiss has gone viral.

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