AIADMK ex-minister's assistant sells ganja.

 DTV Dhinakaran has accused the DMK government of turning tamil Nadu into a hub of drug trade, selling drug pills inside medicine bottles and injecting drugs targeted at college students.

Deadly drugs are widely available

AAMUK General Secretary TTV Dhinakaran has criticized the youth community who are losing their future due to the free circulation of drugs spread everywhere in tamil Nadu - the promotion of drug traffic by both the ruling party and the ruling party is highly condemnable. In a statement issued by him in this regard, the daily reports of youths and college students getting addicted to deadly drugs which are freely available in the nooks and crannies of tamil Nadu, starting from Chennai, the capital of tamil Nadu, give great concern and pain.

Ruling party, ruling party coalition

The indifference of the DMK government, which turned tamil Nadu into a commercial center for drugs such as the seizure of drugs worth Rs 22 crore smuggled from abroad to Chennai, the sale of drug pills in medicine bottles in Coimbatore, and the sale of drug needles targeting college students, is highly condemned. Starting with drug kingpin Zafar Sadiq, DMK officials are said to be involved in the sale of drugs to many people, now the arrest of an aide of a former AIADMK minister and a person close to him in the ganja case has raised suspicion among the public that the ruling party and the ruling party have formed an alliance to sell drugs.

Prejudice is an act of discrimination

As a result of failure to control the movement of narcotics in the first place, the future of youth and students is deteriorating and public safety is questionable due to law and order problems such as murder, robbery and crime against women. Therefore, tamil Nadu chief minister Shri. DTV Dhinakaran said that M.K.Stalin is urging them.

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