The assembly and parliament elections which caused a lot of excitement in ap have come to an end. Till now, the ruling party ycp, TDP, Jana Sena and bjp in the opposition alliance have been fighting at a fierce level. But recently ycp leader and ap cm jagan has got a new challenge. It is not from anyone. 

Political strategist prashant Kishore, who contributed to YCP's landslide victory in 2019, challenged jagan in a recent interview. He commented that jagan will suffer a heavy defeat. He has made similar comments in the past. But after the elections, jagan met with the i-pack team. Appreciated the performance of the I Pack team. He predicted that ycp will win more seats in 2024 than PK won in 2019 due to work. But recently prashant kishore responded to these comments. He lashed out at Jagan. They challenged us to see what will happen on june 4. There are interesting things related to this.

Prashant kishore was interviewed by famous senior journalist Barkadat. He aired it on his YouTube channel. In it, prashant kishore made key comments on ap politics. It is stated that jagan will suffer a heavy defeat in 2024. He said that he was bound by his earlier comments that jagan was losing. But Barkadat reminded that jagan said that he will win more seats than in 2019. jagan said there is nothing wrong in thinking so. congress leader rahul gandhi and RJD leader in bihar Tejaswi Yadav are also of the same opinion.

Most of the candidates could not accept their defeat even after four rounds of election counting. They think that they will win till the last round. Although jagan said that he will win more seats in 2024 than in 2019, he said that there is no chance of that happening. He said that the results will be declared on june 4, and only then will we see if what he said is true. He believes that the Modi atmosphere will continue in the centre. He said that it is a fact that people are dissatisfied with the Modi government at the Centre. But it did not turn into anger. He said that there is a possibility of bjp increasing seats in the southern states in the current elections.

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