Now any two men or any two women meet.. saying ``have you heard this''.. only one word. What do you think it's about? The same is about the vote bank. That too is about Dendulur, an important constituency. Pedavegi mandala has become a hot topic among mandalas here. This is one of the largest mandals in Dendulur constituency. Whichever leader contests in this constituency, he will focus more on Pedavegi Mandal.

Because there are more than 70 thousand voters in this constituency. Among them there are 38 thousand women. With this, the leaders are calculating that if the majority votes are changed in their favor, there will be no turning back. Last year also in 2014, prabhakar, who was a tdp candidate, got huge votes. In 2019, votes were cast in a way beyond that. In total, 80-85 percent of voters turn out in every election. With this, the actor also concentrates well on the movement of the lips.

In the current election too, word of mouth is important. This is the home constituency of tdp chintamaneni and ycp sitting mla Kotharu Abbaiah Chaudhary. It is especially sad that since the defeat in the last election, Pedavegi has not given up at all. He was always available to the party cadre here and strengthened the party irrevocably in five years. With this, the majority vote bank here supported him in this election. There are total 28 villages in this mandal. Out of these 18 villages are completely and 8 villages are partially in favor of TDP. But, now discussions are going on that tdp will get majority in 90% villages.

Along with chintamaneni, TDP's denduluru cadre and all those who have bet crores on prabhakar agree that TDP's majority in Pedavegi Mandal is going to be the main difference between chintamaneni and Abbayya Chaudhary. And in Pedavegi denduluru, who will become a hero? Who will become a zero? It will be clear in the counting on the 4th of next month.

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