Karanam venkatesh from ycp, MM Kondaiah from tdp and former mla Amanchi Krishnamohan from congress are contesting in chirala constituency of the joint prakasam district. Amanchi Krishnamohan, who was hoping for a ycp ticket from the sarees, eventually joined the congress party and contested as the party's candidate. 

In 2009, Amanchi Krishnamohan won as mla from congress for the first time. In 2014 elections, he joined Navodayam party and won mla from that party and then joined TDP. He joined ycp before the 2019 elections and contested as an mla of that party but was defeated. But in this election too, he was expected to get a ticket from ycp, but he was given the responsibilities of Parchur and the saree ticket was given to Karanam Venkatesh.

Disappointed with the leadership of ycp, he joined the congress party and contested as an mla candidate from that party. It is known that Amanchi joined the congress with the aim of defeating his political opponent, Karanam Venkatesh. The main contest was between venkatesh and TDP's candidate Yaya Kondaiya.

Congress candidate Amanchi, however, served as the main target of Karanam Venkatesh. Amanchi tried to get the leaders of ycp to join the congress and tell Karanam Venkatesh. On the day of polling, there were clashes between Amanchi Venkatesh's factions and they also complained to the ec against each other. Precautionary measures by the police are being taken to prevent clashes after polling. The talk of the people there is that the sarees, which look calm on the outside, are like a raging fire inside.

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