There is nothing special to say about gudivada Amarnath. He has become very famous in the last five years. He was one of the many vocal supporters of YCP. He is one of the few ycp leaders who said that YSRCP's resounding victory is certain after polling. He expressed confidence that jagan Mohan reddy will take oath as cm in Visakhapatnam. And will he win in Gajuwaka?

This time more than 80 percent votes were registered. But farmers, middle class people, women, SCs, STs, BCs and minorities will definitely vote for YSRCP, he expresses confidence. During the election campaign, this leader went door to door and met the people of Gajuwaka. He requested to vote for YSRCP in the next election. They inquired about their well-being and whether they were receiving government welfare schemes properly or not. He explained why he should not vote for the tdp alliance if ycp is voted for and he got a good response in the constituency.

Amarnath won as mla from Anakapalli in 2019 election. tdp leader and nda alliance candidate Palla Srinivasa Rao contested from gajuwaka assembly constituency. There are whispers in political circles that there will be no contest between Palla Srinivasa Rao and Amarnath. There is a talk that amarnath did a good job during the ycp regime and people are satisfied with his work.

Also, it seems that people voted for ycp without a second thought because of the welfare schemes. Due to the many improvements made by jagan in five years, those who saw him and voted for ycp will be the reason for the victory of many candidates. gudivada amarnath is believed to be among them. In 2014, Palla Srinivasa Rao won in gajuwaka Assembly Constituency. Let's see what happens this time.

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