Polling for 17 parliamentary seats in telangana ended on May 13. In this order, the people have decided with their votes what will be the fate of the candidates who campaigned. It is interesting to see who's future is going to be like this. In this order, there will be a discussion about the same thing all over Telangana.

  But all the parties are confident that they will get the majority in the results of this parliament election. Analysts are also giving a detailed review on what kind of magic is going to happen in the results. At the same time, some survey reports are also becoming a hot topic. According to the silent talk currently heard in telangana politics, it is clear that the ruling congress will win the majority in this parliamentary election, not the opposition BRS.

  The people of telangana who preferred to crown the local parties in the assembly elections, but when it comes to the parliament elections, they voted keeping the politics of the country in mind. And Modi's work as Prime Minister.. The way he led the country in difficult situations like Corona made the people of telangana shift from local parties to the national party. On the other hand, the bjp has received full support from the BRS even in the seats where it was expected to lose..In this way, the inside talk is heard that the bjp is going to win with a majority by collecting votes from the BRS as well. On the other hand, the fact that the congress is not fielding strong candidates in some places is also going to come together with the BJP. There is an inside talk going on in telangana politics that if the ruling congress and the opposition BRS are limited to a single digit, the bjp will get a double digit majority.

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