Navneet Rana's attack on cm arvind kejriwal

Navneet Rana, sitting mp and bjp candidate from Maharashtra's Amravati, has given his reaction regarding the swati Maliwal case. Navneet Rana has fiercely attacked delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal on this issue. On Kejriwal's call for protest outside the bjp headquarters against the arrest of AAP leaders, Navneet Rana questioned why he does not give his statement on the issue of swati Maliwal.

Amravati bjp candidate Navneet Rana said, "I am surprised that the person who tells the women of delhi, punjab and the country that I am your brother but when a rajya sabha member of his own party is beaten in his own house, then He doesn't say anything on this matter.

Navneet Rana's attack on cm Kejriwal

Navneet Rana further said, "Chief minister kejriwal protests outside the bharatiya janata party office but does not say anything on the issue of swati Maliwal." It is sad that a chief minister who represents the country's capital and a woman from his own party is beaten up by his people. Why don't they give any statement on that? I feel that the women of the country should not stand in support of Arvind Kejriwal. If this happens to a woman from his own party, then why doesn't he give a statement?

Kejriwal is not even worthy of becoming a councilor – Navneet Rana

He said, "CM Kejriwal's statement always comes against PM Modi. Such things are limited to elections but it is clearly visible what stand you take in your party regarding the respect of women. You do not stand with the respect of women. He has come out of jail on bail. He should think that women should not be treated like this in my party but he is only speaking against BJP. kejriwal is not even worthy of becoming a councillor.

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