Party in Bengaluru Electronics City: Narcotic pills, cocaine seized!

Police have seized drugs and cocaine from a party in Electronics City, Bengaluru

The anti-narcotics unit of the Central Crime Branch (CCB) police conducted a surprise raid at the karnataka Chief Minister's farm house near Bengaluru's Electronic City. They seized 45 grams of drugs including MDMA pills and cocaine.In this regard, the police have arrested 5 people including the party coordinator. During the party, 3 drug dealers were arrested.

According to reports, a total of 101 people including 71 men and 30 women participated in the rave party held at the farmhouse. The party was organized by Vasu from hyderabad which was held at GR Farmhouse. It is reported that more than 100 people from andhra pradesh and Bangalore participated.

The event was held from 'sunset to sunrise' and lasted from 5 pm to 6 am. The party was reportedly attended by more than 25 young women, DJs, models and technologists. The event organizer is said to have brought party participants from andhra pradesh at a substantial investment of around Rs 30 to 50 lakhs for this one-day event. The farmhouse where the party took place belongs to Gopala Reddy, the owner of Concord.

During the search, the police found the Andhra MLA's passport in the mercedes-benz car parked at the spot. It has been revealed that the passport belongs to mla Kakani Govardhana Reddy. In addition, officials who went to check said that more than fifteen high-end luxury cars including Benz, Jaguar and audi were present at the place.

Karnataka State Central Crime Branch police raided the premises as the rave party took place beyond legal hours and searched the entire premises with drug-sniffing dogs. Famous DJs like RABZ, KAYVEE and BLOODY MASCARA graced the event.

The Bengaluru Electronic City police station has registered a case in this regard, identified all those involved, arrested them and is investigating. police are also investigating the party scene and trying to trace the supply chain of the seized drugs.

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