One website for all services of power board.. Now you can also pay electricity bill

 Do you know what is the new address?

The tamil Nadu electricity Board has released a new website address so that all the services of the electricity Board can be accessed at a single website. This new website is designed to pay electricity bills.


Electricity Board Website Address

People are also running fast with the pace of the electronic age. In that way electricity has become indispensable in our hectic life. The help of electricity remains an essential requirement no matter what kind of material it is. It has now become a situation where people suffer when there is a power cut for a short period of time.

Website address change

Whether it is paying the electricity bill or needing a new electricity connection, the system of going in person and applying has gone. In this situation tamil Nadu electricity Board has created a separate website address to pay electricity bill online, get new electricity connection and necessary documents related to electricity connection in accordance with the modern age.

What is the new address?

In this situation, all internet services related to the electricity board have now been brought to a single address. The tamil Nadu electricity Board has also issued a notification in this regard. General information on the new website at the new address

A facility has been established to get various information like required documents, delivery categories, fees to be paid, deadlines. The electricity board said that due to this new facility, the requirements can be fulfilled at a single address without visiting multiple addresses.

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