PAN : Lost your PAN Card? What should you do first? How to apply for duplicate?

Duplicate PAN Card : PAN Card becomes an important document many times when it comes to taxation. Anyone who is 18 years of age can get it.

For India, be it any money transaction matter or banking matters, there both our Aadhaar and PAN card play an important role. Many fraudsters today use technology to target individuals' Aadhaar and PAN cards.

What to do if PAN card is lost?

In such an environment we should keep our PAN cards very safe. If we lose the PAN card, we should immediately report it to the nearest police station. Otherwise fraudsters can do whatever they want using our PAN card.

So first of all don't forget to file a complaint at the nearest police station if your PAN card is lost. OK Can you get a duplicate PAN card if the PAN card is lost (after complaint) or damaged?

How to Apply for Duplicate PAN Card?

First you need to visit the official website of TIN-NSDL portal. Select Change or Correction in PanCard / Re Print of Pan Card in Existing Pan Data and enter your name, date of birth, month, year, email and mobile number and click "Submit".

After that a token number will be sent to the email you provided. Make a note of this number as you will need it later. After that you have to fill in the following information using your scanned photograph and signature. Finally, after completing all the tasks, your PAN card will be mailed to your home within two weeks.

If you find it difficult to do all these things on the Internet, you can approach the nearest browsing station or e-service center and the people there will do it for you.

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