The elections in andhra pradesh were completed on the 13th of this month.. Since then, the tdp and ycp parties have been giving their tally.. Especially TDP's tally has increased from 40 to 45 percent.. Pro-TDP media has informed. They also informed that the Jana Sena party has increased from 6 to 10 percent. bjp informed that it has increased up to 2 percent. Similarly, many media outlets have reported that 3 percent of the votes for the ycp party went towards the congress party. ycp party will fall to 35 percent and telugu desam party will come to 55 percent, the yellow media said.

In the same context, what the ycp calculation says is that 3 crore 66 lakh voters in andhra pradesh, 2 crore 84 lakh votes were cast. According to some calculations, the YSRCP got 8.5% of the red votes..YCP got 6%..The rest of the upper castes got 17%..YSRCP got only 3%..OCs got 10% and 2%..BCs got 38%. 20% for YSRCP, 20% for SC, ST, 16% for ycp, 9% for YSRCP, 54% voting percentage for YSRCP. Jagan's calculation seems to be the same.

It is also said that this will increase the number of seats by more than 150. And whose calculations seem to be wrong. And how much of this is true will be known on june 4. Let's see what happens on that day.

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