Will Alliance achieve the success that ycp achieved..!?

-The alliance claims 100 percent victory.

-TDP Khushi with field-level information.

-YCP accounts can also be opened in 3 or 4 districts.

Discussions about which party will win the next election in ap are going on in full swing. Which parties have expectations regarding this? Each party also conducts its own surveys and comes to estimates on the wins and losses. Instead of just relying on surveys, they are getting information from their field-level leaders, comparing the results of the survey, and coming to an estimate for each seat.

It seems that the top leaders of tdp have already come to an estimate based on the information provided by the latest surveys. They are predicting that their victory in the next election will be a landslide victory, not a tight fight. media organizations that are pro-TDP are also assessing the situation at the field level and providing information to the tdp leaders. According to the information received, the tdp leaders are internally saying that this time the alliance is going to win a landslide victory in AP.

According to the information received, the leaders of the telugu Desam are saying in their internal meetings that the alliance is going to achieve almost the same level of success that the ycp achieved in the past. The party leaders estimate that the alliance is getting around 150 seats. However, Looking at these predictions, it seems that wow will this happen? According to the information given by the tdp leaders, there is no possibility of opening the original ycp account in three or four districts. It is said that it will be difficult for ycp to get even one seat, especially in both the Godavari districts. Also, it is difficult to open a ycp account in Visakhapatnam and guntur districts. TDP is going to create a tsunami even in Seema, which is said to be strong for YCP. The party leaders are discussing whether the information given with affection for the party is really the situation at the field level. Regardless of the number of seats, they believe that the victory will be a coalition.

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