This is the young leader that I have seen and admired.

Former AIADMK minister Sellur Raju, who recorded rahul Gandhi's video, said that he is the young leader whom I was moved by and admired.

 Political leaders who admire rahul Gandhi

The election to choose the next prime minister in india is in full swing. Is Modi the next prime minister in this election? There is a competition called rahul Gandhi. rahul gandhi was on a nationwide walking tour that started in Kanyakumari.

Then he met people from many walks of life and listened carefully to their problems. And while meeting school and college students, he talks about studies and the importance of education. Similarly, he is working with people from all walks of life like wage laborers, auto drivers, farmers and gaining their trust.

 Sellur Raju praises rahul Gandhi

In tamil Nadu, the AIADMK, which was in alliance with the bjp, withdrew, and the AIADMK faced the election without the support of anyone at the centre. In this situation, after releasing a video of rahul gandhi, AIADMK former minister Sellur Raju said that rahul gandhi is a young leader whom I was moved and admired.

In this video, rahul gandhi is eating in a restaurant. Then there is a scene where he talks to the people who come there. In this situation, AIADMK and bjp are criticizing Sellur Raju under the record of Sellur Raju. At the same time, congress and DMK members are posting comments welcoming Sellur Raju's opinion

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