Are the 4 isis terrorists arrested in gujarat Tamils? Who are you planning to kill? 

As the parliamentary elections are going on in full swing across the country, 4 isis terrorists have been arrested in gujarat and the incident has created a sensation. And the information that these 4 people are Sri Lankan Tamils has been released and has created a stir.

ISIS terrorists arrested

5 phases of the election to elect the next prime minister of india have been completed. 6th and 7th phase of election will be held. Counting of votes will be held on june 4. In this tense situation, 4 isis terrorists were arrested yesterday at ahmedabad airport in gujarat state.

It has been reported that the guns and bullets seized from them had tribal marks of Pakistan. The interrogation of 4 isis terrorists also revealed that they had come to ahmedabad from sri lanka via Chennai.

What is the plan of the terrorists?

IS in gujarat on 18th. The Anti-Terrorism Squad had received information that the terrorists were planning a major attack. It was due to the subsequent test that IS was sent from sri lanka via Chennai. terrorists arrested

And since they are Sri Lankan Tamils, they only know tamil language. After this, in the investigation conducted by officials who know tamil, it is said that the four terrorists had planned the biggest attack in gujarat and targeted the leaders of the Hindu organization. It has also been reported that these people are related to the leaders of the isis terrorist organization.

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