Election polling is over. All eyes are now on counting. Andhra people are waiting for june 4. But the leaders of the political parties are waiting for the counting of votes. Candidates of the major parties who have already contested are trying to know about the village wise counting. In which village the votes were cast in their favor and in which village they were cast against. 

On the other hand, ycp leader jagan Mohan reddy expressed confidence that they will get majority seats and win in 151 constituencies. ycp leaders are making announcements that jagan will take oath as cm on june 9 with faith in jagan Mohan Reddy's words. In North Andhra, there is a possibility that ycp will win in Vizianagaram, combined srikakulam and combined Visakhapatnam, and in both Godavari districts, majority seats will come to the alliance. ycp will definitely win in the districts of rayalaseema region. It will be a hot topic if jagan tells that 151 seats will come in this order.

The tdp leaders are getting tensed after the polling. Actually, ycp leaders are thinking that the votes of poor, middle class women and old people will go to them unilaterally. It is known that the votes were cast according to their idea. If we know the polling pattern and the conditions at the field level after the voting, it is known that the women's votes went to the ycp party unilaterally. It was thought that women's votes were split equally between Kutami and ycp, but a survey conducted by india Herald revealed that this was not the case. However, the information collected by the representatives of india Herald has shown that although the majority of the votes of the elderly have fallen to the ycp, the votes of the youth and working people have gone slightly more to the tdp than to the YCP. With this, there is a campaign in the villages that ycp has better chances of winning than the tdp alliance. Overall, ycp is likely to win.

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