The dominance of ravi Kumar is certain..!?

At present, there is strong opposition to senior leader Tammineni, who is contesting from ycp in Amudalavalasa constituency. He stayed away from the constituency after winning as mla in 2019. There is a lot of criticism that the people were not taken care of during the five years. Even though the roads in the villages are bad, they cannot repair them. There are still many villages in this constituency where open urination is practiced. people are suffering a lot from drinking water. The scheme of providing tap water to every house has not been fully implemented. There are also allegations that tammineni sitaram has collected commissions for every work in his constituency during the last five years. Allegations of charging huge percentages for layouts in lands near chennai and kolkata are high on Tammineni. It is known that Sitaram's wife played a key role in this matter. The allegation against Tammineni Sitaram's family is that they used to take commissions for any work. This time the campaign is going on and he can't win in the constituency. It is known that the votes are less because the people of his own social class are against him.

And Koona ravikumar is Tammineni Sitaram's own nephew. However, politically both of them are in different parties. Tammineni left the party in 2009 after a TDP ticket was given to Koona Ravikumar. From 2009 to 2019, ravi Kumar contested from Amudalavalasa 3 times and won once. people here think that the constituency was accessible to the people during his tenure as MLA. He has done his best for the development of the constituency. After the defeat in the 2019 elections, this leader was accessible to the people of the constituency and fought on behalf of their problems. There are also allegations that illegal cases were filed against him at the instigation of his younger brother Sitaram, to question the government in all matters. Koona ravi is contesting as a tdp candidate in this election. Opposition to sitting mla Tammineni has become a rallying point for Ravikumar. Given the current political situation, the dominance of ravi Kumar is certain despite the migration of Amudala, according to the india Herald survey.

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