Why do both parties have so much confidence..!?

Elections in the state of andhra pradesh ended on 13th May. After the election, the percentage of voting this time was higher than last time. If the tdp ranks are saying that it happened because of the opposition to ycp, the ycp ranks are saying that it is because the people came together and cast votes to bring us who are currently in power back to power. And in terms of the percentage of votes, if both parties say that we have done well, then on the other side, we will get more seats, which means that we will get more seats.

All ycp party workers, leaders, and fans will definitely get 120 to 130 seats for our party. The alliance will get 120 to 130 seats. Fans, leaders, and workers of this party are saying that the tdp party has a chance to get up to 90 seats. And like this, the people of these two parties are saying that we will come to power.

And if it is true, who has voted and how much percentage? Although no one is clear about how many seats they are going to get, they all say it seriously. Many are of the opinion that they also have fear inside. And who will get how many seats..? Who is going to come to power this time should know all such things which means we have to wait till the result day.

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