Construction of AIIMS Hospital in madurai begins with Puja; The people of South district are excited

Following the issuance of environmental clearance by the tamil Nadu government for the construction of AIIMS Hospital, the construction company has started the work of leveling the land with pooja.

In december 2018, the central government approved the construction of an AIIMS hospital on 222 acres in Thopur, Madurai. Following this, the foundation stone was laid by prime minister Narendra Modi in january 2019. However, even after more than five years, the construction work of madurai 'AIIMS' hospital has not started. In march 2021, the central government signed a loan agreement with the Japanese multinational finance company JICA to build the hospital.

In this situation, the AIIMS management issued a tender notice for the construction of the hospital on 17 august 2023. It mentioned that the loan amount has been received from JICA and therefore the construction work should be completed in 33 months.

The tender for the construction of AIIMS Hospital has been awarded to L&T Construction, India's largest construction company. However, it was reported that the company is yet to obtain environmental clearance to start construction. Immediately, the AIIMS administration came forward and explained that only pre-construction work was being carried out at the AIIMS hospital site.

In this case, on May 2nd, the management of AIIMS had submitted the assessment report to the tamil Nadu Environment Department to grant environmental clearance for the AIIMS hospital construction project. Based on that, on May 10, the environmental expert assessment committee had recommended that the project be given environmental clearance.

Following this, the tamil Nadu government has granted environmental clearance for the construction work of AIIMS hospital yesterday. The construction work of AIIMS Hospital has started. In this situation, the entire funding for the construction of AIIMS Hospital, which has been announced as Rs 1624 crores, for the construction of various buildings including a hospital with 870 beds, an Ayurvedic treatment center with 38 beds, classroom building for students and nurses, laboratories, parking for 2160 cars and 2090 two-wheelers in the AIIMS hospital, is from Japan. It was also announced that it will be acquired through JICA.

Funding for construction works is currently estimated at Rs.1977.80 crores along with central government funds. In the first phase, a 12-feet high perimeter wall has been constructed at the site where the AIIMS hospital is to be located at an estimated cost of 10 crore rupees. In the area where the AIIMS Hospital is located, six kilometers of road work has been completed at an estimated cost of 21 crores.

Meanwhile, an announcement was made that the puja for the construction work would begin in a couple of weeks and after that the construction work should be started and completed within 33 months. Currently the construction work of AIIMS is going on in full swing.

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