Ram temple may not be visible on the surface in elections...?

The lok sabha elections are moving towards their final phase. Five phases of voting have been completed and only two phases of voting are left. One thing worth noting during this entire election was that no one narrative, one issue or narrative dominated the entire election, not even the issue of ram Mandir. However, when the consecration was taking place in the ram templeit was also alleged that the ruling party had forcibly got the consecration done before time only to gain electoral advantage, but during the entire election, sporadic statements and references were made. Apart from this, the issue of ram temple did not appear like any 'wave' in this election.

No wave of ram Mandir

There is a line by Goswami Tulsidas, 'Prabisi nagar Ki jai Sab Kaja, Hriday Rakhi Kosalapur Raja'. It is equally true that bharatiya janata party is the same political party, which talked about ram temple in its manifesto and declared it as its agenda. The situation was the same in 2014, it was the same in 2019 and that is not there in the manifesto in 2024, because the ram temple has been constructed.

As far as ram temple becoming a narrative is concerned, it has to be understood from the same quatrain - Hriday Rakhi Kosalpur Raja. The prime minister mentioned it in one of his initial speeches. After that, even though it is not visible on the surface, it is not being mentioned every second hour, but after the fulfillment of people's aspirations, Ram temple has entered the hearts of the majority.

Lakhs of people have visited, lakhs are busy in preparations. This is an example or story of the same concept of Sanatan, where he keeps his religion and his worship as a personal matter and does not reveal it externally in excess of enthusiasm. We see that ram is not a part of the political speeches in this election, he is not in the slogans and he should not be there, but the undercurrent, the ingrained feeling is there in the minds of crores of voters. That wave is present there. Rest, they are looking at election issues by linking them with development. Rest, just as ram is present in every particle, similarly he is also present on every seat of this election.

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