Ram is not a political but a cultural issue...

The impact of ram mandir on bjp and its politics, as it has been in their manifesto continuously and the work has been completed, will continue to remain. bjp is also giving its account to the public by putting him in the category of works done. narendra modi presents ram temple as his report card. ram temple is one topic among the works that have been completed. Apart from this, it should also be remembered that ram temple is not just a brick-and-mortar building, it is also a manifestation of people's aspirations and emotions.

When a party like the bjp can keep the issue of Lord Ram's temple in its manifesto, then the issue of shiva and Krishna's temple is also present in UP. This expectation is also there in the minds of the majority and bjp knows this. This party also knows the sentiments of the majority regarding Kashi and mathura and will work accordingly. In Uttar Pradesh, the public talks about the issue of the ram temple with great difficulty and their response is that the work has been done, and now more is expected. That expectation would also be from the same party which has done the work of ram temple so that undercurrent is very present among Hindus. It would be wrong to deny this.

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