Leaders of major parties and candidates of those parties are eagerly waiting for the results of the andhra pradesh state elections. It is heard in political circles that whichever party wins, it will come to power with less than 100 seats. While the campaign is going on that the Jana Sena party is sure to show its power in this election, Anakapalli's name is being heard as the answer to the question of which constituency Jana Sena will definitely win.
In Anakapalli assembly constituency, Konatala ramakrishna is contesting on behalf of Kutami while Malasala Bharat is contesting on behalf of YCP. The comments are saying that ramakrishna will win in Anakapalli with at least ten thousand majority. It is heard in the political circles that ycp has high hopes for this position but there are no chances of winning.
It is noteworthy that while Konatala ramakrishna has a long experience in politics, Malasala Bharat is a young man. It seems that the janasena will show its strength in the senior and junior fight. Anakapalli Constituency has more than 2 lakh voters but still there is no development as expected. Gudiwada amarnath won as mla from this constituency in the last election.
Konatala ramakrishna has more than 40 years of experience and he hopes that the anti-government vote will go to him. He believes that the votes of Kapu and Gavar are crucial in this constituency and he will win easily with their votes. Malasala Bharat did business in America and returned to the state a year ago and got ycp ticket. His disadvantage was that he did not have much contact with the people of the constituency. It must be said that Anakapalli result is currently becoming a hot topic in ap political circles.

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