In the 2019 elections, the ycp party won a huge victory with 151 seats.. This made the tdp lose once and for all.. Anyway, the tdp BJP janasena parties are determined to win this time and prepared to fight against the ycp party.. Finally they completed the voting on the 13th of this month. Counting is going to be held on the fourth of next month. Many types of surveys are already becoming viral. Also the leaders are expressing themselves with such slowness.

So far, many surveys have also shown the interest of the ruling party YCP.. But now, in the name of Partha Das survey update, the number of seats in the 175 assembly constituencies of andhra pradesh has been revealed to which party. According to the latest survey by Partha Das, the ycp party will get 96 seats, tdp party will get 79 seats.

When it comes to regions..
1). Rayalaseema:
TDP-16 seats.
YCP: 36 seats

2). uttarandhra Region:

3). Godavari Reason:

4). krishna Nellore:

Looking at the total, it seems that the ycp party will win power with only 96 seats. But now it can be said that this survey looks a bit believable.. Many surveys indicate that either the alliance or the ycp party will get more than 150 seats. And we have to wait till june 4th to know which survey will be true.. people are also eagerly waiting for these results.

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