Janasena's victory in narasapuram will give a huge hope..!?

- Janasena's bumper victory this time in Narasapuram.

- bc Neta Nayakar, who stood second in 2019.

- Jana Sena is targeting a huge majority with Kapu + bc equation..!

Mega family's own constituency is narasapuram in west godavari district. The people of narasapuram worship the mega family forever in their hearts. But why politically? mega family has no hold in this area. The three Mega Brothers contested from here on behalf of the Prajarajyam and janasena parties but could not win. In 2009, when megastar chiranjeevi launched the praja rajyam Party, he contested from his mother-in-law's village Palakolluwhich is next to narasapuram, and lost. Also in narasapuram, Prajaraj was not successful. However, it is remarkable that Prajaraj stands in the second position in these two positions.

In the 2019 elections, Pawan's brother nagababu contested for parliament from narasapuram through Pawan Kalyan's janasena party and lost and settled for the third position. Jana Sena's Pawan Kalyan, who contested from the neighboring bhimavaramgave a tough fight and stood second and lost. bhimavaram in narasapuram area which is called mega family houses. Apart from Palakollu, the three Mega Brothers who contested from Narasapuram parliamentary seats could not climb the victory steps. In such a place, Jana Sena is going to achieve a sensational victory in the latest elections.

BC leader Bommidi Naykar, who contested from Jana Sena in narasapuram constituency, which is home to a mega familyis going to win with a huge majority. In fact, in the last election itself, Naykar secured a significant number of votes and came second. He lost to Mudunur Prasada Raju who contested from ycp by a narrow margin of just 5000 votes. Telugudesam settled for the third position after Janasena's blow here. Now it is a combination of telugu Desam + Jana Sena. Jana Sena will win here with a huge majority as Naikkar is a BC and the entire Kapu social group is on his side.

In any case, Chiranjeevi's praja rajyam in the past and then Pawan Janasena's failure to win in their own constituency, Mega Brothers, now Janasena's victory in narasapuram will give a huge kick. Also, it can be written that the janasena candidate Bommidi Nayakar will be victorious here with a huge majority and will proudly step into the assembly.

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