Owner, manager of bar arrested for serving liquor to minor...

The owner and manager of a pune bar that allegedly served liquor to the 17-year-old boy who hit and killed two people with his father's porsche car, have been arrested. “The city police arrested the bar owner and the bar manager who served liquor to the minor accused on the night of the accident,” pune CP Amitesh Kumar told ANI. On tuesday morning, the minor driver's father was arrested from Maharashtra's Sambhajinagar. The boy's father was detained and brought to pune, where he was arrested.

Amitesh Kumar told HT that the father of the minor driver was attempting to evade arrest since he was booked.  HT reported that two restaurant license holders and another person were arrested last night. The boy's father and four others, including owners of two restaurants, were booked under relevant sections of the Motor vehicles Act (MVA) and the Juvenile Justice Act (JJA). The father was arrested for allowing the minor to drive the high-end car without license.

According to the police, the man bought the porsche car for his son in march this year but the vehicle was not registered. The boy is the son of a prominent builder in the maharashtra city. He is just four months short of his 18th birthday. Within hours of the accident and detention, the Juvenile Justice Board had ordered his release. The board had asked him to write an essay reflecting on the accident, seeking help to give up drinking and do voluntary work with the pune traffic police. The bail conditions led to a furore in the city. The pune police commissioner, however, said on monday that they wanted to try him as an adult for the case.

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